Pre-Professional Divison
West Los Angeles


Classes and Programs

Leela's pre-professional division (ages 13+) provides rigorous and comprehensive pre-professional training in kathak dance for teens and adults of all ages and backgrounds.  

Introductory Kathak
Levels I-II

Students are introduced to basic kathak movement along with rhythm and music fundamentals. Upon completion of two semesters student have the opportunity to participate in a recital performance. Classes meet once a week over two 16-week semesters in the spring and fall.  

Kathak Fundamentals
Levels III-V

Students focus on development of kathak technique including footwork and pirouettes, are introduced to foundational kathak vocabulary and begin to understand the intimate relationship of dance and music. In addition to twice a week classes ranging from 60-90 minutes, students participate in regular intensives with international dance and music faculty. Advancement is based on audition performance and participation in milestone performances. 

Pre-Professional Training
Levels VI-VIII

Students with talent and dedication receive the opportunity to pursue pre-professional training in kathak. The training program focuses on ensuring that students develop advanced technique, an expansive vocabulary and repertoire, foundational skills in music and percussion, and strong performance skills. Students participate in weekly training in kathak and hindustani classical music, in immersive residencies that bring together dancers from around the world, and a range of pre-professional performance opportunities.

School Calendar

Spring January 28th - May 22nd (16 weeks) 
Fall August 19th - December 16th (16 weeks)

Class Schedule


Kathak Fundamentals 



Kathak Fundamentals

Introductory Kathak

Studio Location

Inquiries & Registration

For more information on classes, curriculum and Leela's approach, contact:
Navi Bal, Teacher Fellow

To register, complete the form below and submit in-person or via email to along with payment for session. Payment is accepted in person, by check, or online. 

* If submitting registration via email, please include "Registration Form: Child's First Name, Child's Last Name"
* Please submit exact amount of payment. For payment plans, please contact Navi Bal at


Students are registered on a semester basis. Tuition is payable in full on or before the first day of each semester (January & August). Students with outstanding accounts of more than 14 days overdue will be charged a $25 late fee. Once classes have begun, tuition is not refundable. Students who miss class or withdraw before the end of the semester are still obligated for the full semester's fees. Students admitted more than 3-weeks after the school year has begun are eligible to pay a pro-rated amount upon approval.

Dress Code


Students in Introductory Kathak and beyond are expected to wear a traditional salwar kameez that is fit comfortably and enables free movement. Simple and comfortable cotton salwar kameez's are recommended.


Mid-length to long hair is require to be pulled back in a neat bun or french braid and fastened securely. Short hair needs to be fastened away from the face. Students/parents must be responsible for the necessary supplies to have hair done prior to class.