California Gharana

An incredible display of dance and music. California Gharana elegantly shepherds the past into the future as it pays homage to legendary kathak artist, Chitresh Das and his legacy, while giving voice to a new generation of women artists
— Audience member
California Gharana is simply outstanding. Das’ aesthetic, dynamic style and musicality shines through as the Leela Dance Collective reinvents the kathak tradition placing it squarely in our modern time
— Audience member

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Concept & Choreography: 
Original Compositions & Music: Pandit Chitresh Das
30 minutes | 5 dancers | 3 musicians

About California gharana

California Gharana celebrates the living legacy of kathak legend, Pandit Chitresh Das, offering three compelling pieces that embody his style, aesthetic and vision for the art form. Percussive feet, dynamic movement and rich music weave seamlessly together to tell of story of India - her history, struggles, spiritual discoveries, and evolution. The performing artists of California Gharana come together from around the world to create not only a compelling work of performance art but a living connection between generations and continents.

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